amazing photos

The bayou. Trees can grow out of the water.

a shipwreck

stingrays under a boat


space shuttle against the sun


northern lights


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10 Jobs That No Longer Exist

1. Switchboard Operator; advancement in telephone technology.

2. Travel Agents; capability of people to book their own travel online.

3. Milkman; mass grocery stores make milk readily available to everyone.

4. Paperboys on bikes; cars are a much more efficient way of delivering papers.

5. Assembly line workers; advancement in manufacturing equipment.

6. Certain types of mathematicians; computers can calculate the equations they used to calculate.

7. Gas pumpers; self-service gas due to technology that reduced the complexity of gas pumps.

8. Artisans; it is nearly impossible to do anything on a small scale since technology has aloud mass production to produce tons of goods at a cheaper price.

9. Librarians; librarians still exist but their job is much changed. They no longer need to have the special skills needed to navigate the library catalog due to it all being online.

10. Typewriter manufacturers; people type on computers nowadays.

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1. Sexting is sending nude or racy pictures via text message.

2. Sexting is dangerous for the pictures never disappear and can come back at any point in time, whether it be weeks or years later. The pictures will never really go away.

3. MSNBC, ABC News, and CNN all have articles on sexting on their websites.

4. No matter how much you trust your friends at the moment, sexting is never wise, anyone can be angry and have a lapse of judgment and send the pictures to anyone else.

5. Sexting could later on prevent one from getting a job, if the pictures are found online.

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chapter 2 illustrator


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chapter 1 illustrator

In this chapter, I learned how to deal with colors and selecting tools. I also learned how to use viewing options to change the way the picture is positioned on the screen.

(B) identify the inputs, processes, outputs, and feedback associated with computer systems; and

Recognize the parts of the computer that produce inputs, processes, outputs, and feedback;

(C) describe how the interaction of technical systems helps solve complex problems.

Show how technical systems like computers help solve problems that human minds can’t.221

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illustrator chapter 2

In this chapter, I learned how to select and deselect groups and how to add pictures to groups. I also learned how to align objects as single selections or as group selections. The main tools used were the selection tools.

(B) describe the factors that affect the purchase and use of computer products and services;

Show different events that affect the buying of computers and services;

(C) distinguish between mainframe, workstation, personal, and other computer systems;

Analyze the difference between mainframe, workstation, and personal computer systems;ill21ill221ill231

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chapter 10

I learned how to work with vanishing points and making a computer image look like a real life object.

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